London Voices draws on the pool of very talented freelance professional solo, consort, and choral singers who live in and around the capital.

It selects for each project the most suitable team which is then coached by one of its highly esteemed directors, Terry Edwards and Ben Parry.

Engagements vary:-

  • Trio - Grand Pianola Music - John Adams
  • Sextet - Stimmung - Karljeinz Stockhausen
  • Octet - Sinfonia - Luciano Berio
  • 40 - Rakes Progress - Igor Stravinsky
  • 60 - Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore
  • 150 - Damnation of Faust - Hector Berlioz
  Stockhausen Stimmung, Aldeburgh Festival, 2008
Stockhausen Stimmung, Aldeburgh Festival, 2008
Members of London Voices - Lille 2013
Berio Sinfonia, Lille June 2013
(Photograph: Ugo Porte)

The membership of London Voices is not fixed and thus the singers are carefully selected for each engagement.

It is not unusual for two teams to be performing in different cities or countries at the same time.

For example one group who excel in close microphone technique, while another are recording a recital album with an internationally renowned soloist and conductor.

Terry Edwards and Ben Parry have a lifetime's experience in the performance and management of groups involved with every kind of consort and choral music from Byrd to Berio.

They can guarantee therefore that their personal integrity, relaxed manner and attention to detail will continue to ensure a successful outcome for every project in which they are involved.

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London Voices at the Warehouse, WaterlooPhotograph: SPT PhotographyLondon Voices at the Warehouse, Waterloo
(Photograph: SPT Photography)